The Farmacy “Chick Therapy” 🐥 🐣

There was a time you would’ve NEVER  convinced me that I’d walk myself onto a plane, ALONE, and travel 1,200km away from home to cuddle with freshly hatched chicks and an irresistible snorting French Bulldog.  

Like, seriously. 

The plan was to get away, clear my head and pour myself into my writing ✍️...and I got so much more than I bargained for. 

Welcome to “Bearadise” 🏝 🐻 

...aka, Bear River, Nova Scotia. I like to call myself the “Beta Guest” here at the home of Jason and Shelley Marshall, and Shelley likes to call me the “Experimental Guest”, but whatever you want to call me, I was undoubtedly a transformed guest. 

It was during this “retreat” that I ‘hatched’ the idea of The EX-Files LIVE Motivational Comedy Show! 

The serene, peaceful and healing world I stepped into was an immediate catalyst for sparking up those dormant streams of creativity I had flooding my head. 

I spent many hours simply ‘taking it in.’

I slept, HARD. 

I breathed easy. 

I unlocked many barriers and discovered yet another uncharted character within myself, one that bonds with and easily loves animals ❤️ 

Tonight, on the evening before I meet with my publicist about making this EX-Files dream a reality, I want to take a moment to fully reflect on how it is so abundantly possible to set out and cultivate your visions. 

I claim to be such an aimless ball of chaotic energy and yet, somehow, I always end up right where I belong. 

Relentlessly Yours


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