Motivational Comedy Specialist, Serial Entrepreneur, Big Picture Visionary, Transformational Educator, Master Paradigm Shifter, Relentlessly Awesome, Mom of 4, Comedienne and Author ... in no particular order. 


Momma / WonderWoman

The only thing more beautiful than the sound of childrens laughter is SILENCE when the little buggers go to bed. 

Kidding, but not really. 

My oldest son is 21 with 3 siblings trailing behind...aged 8, 9 and 10. I was HOME FREE people ...then, ooops...I did it again...3 consecutive years in a row. 

My ex husband and I successfully continue to share the family home in a unique and sophisticated co-parenting arrangement. Instead of the kids bouncing back and forth between homes, we...the parents, take turns being in the home sharing responsibility and swapping roles in a surprisingly balanced and effective way. 

Most recently I've taken all that we've learned through our Co-Parenting experience and developed "The EX-Files Motivational Comedy Show" which is currently touring Southern Ontario.

My kids are mini legends and are alarmingly enjoyable (lol).

They can often be found on our "house stage" singing along with me. 



I'm THRILLED to have recently ignited the next level of my dream by transitioning from soft skills facilitation back into my roots in comedy.


In 1996, after surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury in a highway accident, it was the stage of Yuk Yuk's where I first felt a sense of hope...it was only ON the stage where I was able to feel "at home".


After 5 years of Intensive Cognitive Rehabilitation and over a decade of establishing a new successful life I have returned to the stage branding myself as a "Motivational Comedy Specialist"


I'm bringing a wealth of "Personal Development" knowledge to the stage and delivering an alarmingly consistent message at a whole new level of transparency.


Real Time.

Real Life.

Constantly Conquering.


and I

Motivational Specialist

As a natural born and "injury heightened" empath, I can rapidly develop an environment of mutual respect and inclusive



It is my mission to enhance the quality of life for each and every person who crosses my path. From audience members to people I meet in those every day serendipitous moments, which I'm gifted in recognizing and able to embrace.


Each session I deliver is shaped & driven by the objectives of each participant and evolves into a fundamental series of

techniques to implement based on the combined needs of both

myself and the related audience. 

I am, in the right environment,  able to build, and more importantly, maintain hundreds of relationships with a diverse population.


I've been fortunate enough to be a highly sought after consultant for the development & delivery of customized programs to meet specific personal and organizational needs.